i’ve moved…


about me?… my name is Al, a follower of jesus, a kiwi living in perth

i started blogging in 2010 with 25elul.wordpress.com. it started off as an exercise to journal what i was hearing from god, & whaddya know people actually started reading this stuff. kewl.

but eventually it was time to stop just writing about about god stuff… it was time to actually do something! time to jump in & have a play. so we planted a church! well sort of, it’s still a work in progress…

check out my new blog… KIWI in PERTH [ aka confessions of a pastor… ]

bless ya. ~al.

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i saw him sitting at a newspaper stand…

i saw him sitting at a newspaper stand, watching the world go by.

he called out to me so i stopped to talk, he asked me why.

why do you always care about me when nobody else gives a damn?

i’m just a bum, no one cares about me… he asked me why.


so we walked & we talked the night away…

i didn’t actually say much to start with, but i did invite him in for a feed.  i asked if i could bless him.  tears welled up in his eyes as i prayed, & he chipped in with a prayer of his own.

i thought that would be it… he would go his way, & i was off to home group.

but he was very insistent; he wanted to repay my kindness.  would i take a walk with him, & he would introduce me to his friends?  ok, let’s do it.  i called my home group & asked them to pray.

his name was bruce.  i had met him several times when he would hang around the bus stop outside our house in symonds st auckland, asking for 90 cents for a bus fare.  he was about thirty, had long dishevelled hair & was barefoot.  there was a scar across his cheek & nose.  as we walked that night i noticed he didn’t seem well… his walking pace was getting slower.

he told me he was once the captain of a high school cricket team, & he went to a grammar school (i.e. a ‘posh’ school), he had fallen a long way.  i have no idea if the story was for real.

as he introduced me to his ‘friends’, it became obvious there were no friends.  they were bartenders & drinking buddies.  the more he drank, & they drank, the more the illusion of friendship grew.

i wish i could say this story had a ‘wow’ ending, but no…  

for the next four hours we visited three different bars.  eventually i had to go home, & the last i saw of him he was in tears because he was torn between ‘just one more drink’, and the offer of a place to stay with me.  he chose one more drink.

i never saw bruce again.  he disappeared from the streets, & i don’t know what happened to him.  i don’t know if i had any influence on him.  maybe… maybe not.

but what i do know was he was an influence on me.

i started learning to value broken people, everyone has a story.  this christian kid from the country learnt to relate to people in dark places.  don’t do hit & run evangelism, just be yourself & learn to listen.

the year was 1979 & i was nineteen years old.  for the next few years there were many like bruce…  not alcoholics, but just broken people.  i got a part time job in an all-night ‘uncles’ burger bar in queen st, & my life changed, but that’s another story…

occasionally i think about bruce, & say a little prayer.  where are you now?


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you felt the breeze… now step out

random thoughts…

daddy god has opened a new door to freedom.  there’s a refreshing wind of the holy spirit blowing over us.

we have been in transition.

but there comes a time when the transition is over. enough already.  enough of feeling the breeze & glimpsing new opportunities.

time to do. time to stop talk & just do.

step out.

this is a ‘wild west’ season in the kingdom. it looks messy at times.  it don’t look pretty.

but there’s only one option.  just do it.

clinging to the old is not an option.

jesus told a story about a demon being cast out, then coming back & finding an empty house, so they move back in & the situation is worse than before.


enjoy the journey.

by the way, if you think you can do this journey on you own… think again.  you were designed for community.  we move together.  find some companions for the journey.



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Bruxy Cavey, The Gospel is…

i like this…

Bruxy Cavey talks about the Gospel and the Kingdom of God. He summarizes the Gospel in one word, in three words, and in thirty words – bringing the focus in on Jesus and our role as Christ followers.

the gospel is good news
that god has come to us
to show us his love
to save us from sin
to set up his kingdom
to shut down religion

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Teens flock to experience ‘healing’ faith for themselves

i like this, about a recent bill johnson seminar in brisbane…

Many in the 1750-strong crowd were young people attracted to the fifth generation pastor’s teachings about ‘encountering God’ for themselves – and having the faith to pray for healings for others.

An inherent part of Johnson’s teaching is ‘treasure hunting’ where people go through a town or shopping centre and ask God to show them people who may need encouragement or healing.

The practice has already made headlines in Brisbane – as well as YouTube postings as people tell of experiencing ‘liquid love’, a warm sensation, and healing.

Johnson is senior pastor of the Bethel Church in Redding California which is home to the popular Jesus Culture music group.

At the end of Monday night’s service, dozens of people indicated they had been healed after being prayed for, for head trauma, knee and back injuries, hearing loss, and other ailments…

Johnson himself never laid a hand on anyone, instead encouraging those in the crowd to pray for others.

via Teens flock to experience ‘healing’ faith for themselves | Ipswich Queensland Times.

wow… when people getting healed makes headline news, now that’s kinda interesting.

this dude is also a part of my journey.  i was healed of an arthritic hip at a bill johnson seminar in 2008… see the youtube testimony below, at 3 mins 40.

it’s sad when some bloggers choose to mock this stuff.

before i was healed i had constant pain & had to take pain-killers 24-7.  after i was healed i never had to take a pain-killer for hip pain again.  that event changed my life… being pain free is freakin’ awesome.

don’t mock what you don’t understand.

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random thoughts on church life…

“thar’s gold in them thar hills”, like in the parable of the treasure in the field.

listen up saints…  we have all bought into ownership of a field where there is enormous wealth available, kingdom wealth.  but we gotta go treasure hunting.  we gotta dig for it!  it ain’t always obvious where the treasure is.  god delights in choosing the most unlikely candidates.

the apostle paul knew it, because he was the unlikely one!  as a zealous pharisee, he possibly had never eaten with a gentile in his life… until god sends him to the gentiles.  the one thing that paul sucked at… mixing with gentiles, god says i chose you to do that very thing.

it’s like if you grew up with a passion for classical music, & you play violin in an orchestra, then god says go start a church for people who like thrash music.

it’s like if you grew up with a passion for steaks, & you work as a chef in a steak kitchen, then god says go start a church for vegans.

when god sent paul to the gentiles, he was TOTALLY out of his comfort zone!

anyways, back to the field with the treasure…


god loves to hide his treasure in the most unlikely people & places.

that’s why i love being in the church.  i’m not saying i like the sunday morning event which we refer to as ‘church’, sometimes i don’t, but i love being with the saints.

we can’t do this treasure hunting thing by ourselves.  it’s a team project.  when the saints gather, we get to practice on each other.  treasure hunt!

the more we learn to call out that treasure in each other, then the more effective we become in this kingdom project that jesus has given us.


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Tearful woman confronts open-air preacher.

wow, interesting…

not sure what to say about this one… just interesting.

it’s like head meets heart in this discussion.  i think heart wins.  what do you think?

via Wretched: Tearful woman confronts open-air preacher. – YouTube.

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Bill Johnson – God is good, ALL the time

i like this…

god is good… all the time

the devil is bad… all the time

the church of this nation has been so deprived of the real gospel, that we have formulated ways of thinking that are anti-Christ in nature and they are called spiritual

it is inconsistent to have Jesus pay a price for healing and for us to believe it’s not God’s intention to heal

via Bill Johnson – God is good, ALL the time – YouTube.

if we are gonna learn how to heal the sick, then we gotta get this… god  is good!  cos if you think that god is holding back healing because of sin, or to teach patience, or whatever… then you got a problem praying for the sick.  you might be praying against god!

god really is good, all the time.

check out jesusculture for more message mixes… http://www.jesusculture.com/m/message-mix

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God Is Not The Bad Guy

i like this…

God is not the bad guy. He’s extremely good.

a great sermon jam from www.timoandolivia.com.

in him is light, & no darkness at all, & that settles it for me…

jesus came to show us…

that god is the good guy


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stories from school of power and love…

i love listening to these stories.  just real people talking real stories… about stepping out, taking a risk, & praying for healing & stuff.

thanks to tom ruotolo & team… keep doin’ the stuff you do.

thanks to all those at the School of Power and Love… who stepped out in love, to see lives changed by the awesome power of jesus!

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