Random thoughts…

Jesus gave very clear pointers on how to do a genuine Jesus movement. (i.e. the movement that Jesus started… not the 60’s look-a-like) and… he gave clear warnings on how to avoid a ‘Pharisee’ movement.

Why did Jesus spend so much time talking to or about the Pharisees? He only had a short time… why not just avoid them? Here are some thoughts..

  • The Pharisees were ‘in the seat of Moses’. They are the like the first car in line at the traffic lights… if they don’t move, then they are holding up others.
  • He really loved them! He was giving them a chance to change.
  • He was looking into the future… the very movement that Jesus started was in danger of getting derailed if the ‘leaven of the Pharisees’ could work it’s way in.

So… be warned. This is serious stuff, but we keep ignoring it. It is VERY important that we maintain a genuine Jesus movement, not a Pharisee movement. Right now, from what I can see, the 21st century movement called ‘Christianity’ looks like a genuine Pharisee movement!

What to do! Here are some thoughts…

  •  Avoid the titles. Really! Chuck the titles! Don’t call anyone master,  father, whatever. DON’T!
  •  Don’t build bigger barns! Or put it this way… if you do build a bigger barn, you better be damn sure that you got your directions from Jesus.
  • Start focusing on equipping the saints. Jesus invested huge resource to change the worst loser into a potential world changer.
  • Start respecting the leadership ‘mix’ that Jesus has already given. He never intended for a pastor, or a Mr & Mrs pastor, to run the show. Jesus has already given apostles, prophets, etc. their respective gifting will look different.
  •  Start respecting the awesome presence of the Holy Spirit, who has taken up residence in all the saints. Think of the biggest loser you know of… if they are saved then they have an awesome presence & power & purpose in them & on them. Learn to recognize that & teach them to run with it.
  •  Start respecting what Jesus was passionate about… kingdom. He didn’t’ give his life as a ransom so you can do church planting. He didn’t send the Holy Spirit so you can play church. He is passionate about kingdom. Seek first his kingdom! Pray the kingdom prayer!

About kiwi in perth

god is good. :) really really good. my name is al; god called me to leadership & this is my journey.
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  1. just a note about the ‘avoid the titles’ comment. i am NOT anti-leadership… this comment is about the use of titles. as an example, a recently advertised conference in this city lists the speakers… one bishop, two doctors, one senior pastor, etc. ( Influencers Conference – Guest Speakers. )

    why all the titles? i don’t get it.

  2. Jacq Wallace says:

    I really like this post and it resonates with my heart, the truth. Even the new age movement is coming out with stuff that resembles a church to me, they have the leaders who know everything, coordinators around the world who run home groups and assist with their events, conferences and shows when the big guns rock into town. We are all so incredibly unique and we all have so much to offer according to our gifts and calling in Christ that will impact us, the people around us and community being land you live, local and global for good – that is what will bring positive change to the earth and joy to all generations. I want every person to be empowered to live in their birthright and live a life of fulfillment doing what they’re born to do and not sitting in the pews getting fat. It’s time Christians took responsbility for their callings and gifts by unpacking what God has placed into them and I think this is the time that everyday Christians are going to feel a stirring in the spirit for much more and not settle for any less than the best God wants for them.
    It’s funny cos I’ve been that loser and it’s taken me hard work to get freedom and liberty but I’ve had to be quite resourceful in order to get that freedom. Bless you!!

  3. wow, that’s a good word, thanks Jacq. yep, there’s a stirring in the spirit…


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