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Imagine a new season in God where nobody had ever been before.  No past revival has touched it.  No part of history.  There is no leader or movement we can rush to and say show me the way.  A season so new and so fresh that only the Holy Spirit can be a guide.  Scary?  No…  not if you trust in God.

But… get this.  What if God is raising you up as a leader?  You are looking round for a leader.  You sense a new season.  But, what now…

What if you were born for this season?  No other season in God has had your name on it.  So you slipped under the radar.  But now it is time to expect bigger things.  There is a people who are hearing the sound… arise, shine, your light has come.

This is not a time to focus on the darkness all around.  Your light has come.  It’s a personal thing.  Others cannot see it.  But as you start declaring what you see, you become a light. Freaky.

But this is not like any other season, so don’t look for a template, there isn’t one.  Don’t look for a book, or a seminar.  There isn’t one.

God has prepared forerunners, but they don’t see into the future, they just prepare the way.

What if the leaders in this new season are so ‘invisible’ right now that there is no way to find them without supernatural means?

This is not a time to be building bigger barns, or programs, or methods.  The more attached you become to a movement, the more momentum there is, therefore the harder it is to change; to lose all; to make the tough choices.

About kiwi in perth

god is good. :) really really good. my name is al; god called me to leadership & this is my journey.
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