Heroes – Wiremu Tamihana

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In my hometown of Morrinsville in NZ, i was privileged to know a woman called Kuini, who was the eldest living descendant of Wiremu Tamihana, an awesome Christian leader in the early 1800’s. Even though I grew up in the area i had heard nothing of this great man. When he was converted to christianity, he created a Christian community, school, laws, business (flour mill), & more. All this was done at a time when it was too dangerous for missionaries to visit that area. Do it again God… raise up kingdom leaders! Read more at this link…

About kiwi in perth

god is good. :) really really good. my name is al; god called me to leadership & this is my journey.
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2 Responses to Heroes – Wiremu Tamihana

  1. Jacq Wallace says:

    I absolutely love that! I’m always looking for inspirational Christian Maori, Kiwi leaders and I would never have known this man of God, Leader, Chief and Social Entrepreneur came out of Morrinsville. I will go there next time with new eyes and a new perspective of what God is doing there on that land, impacting the people there for the better. Why would God have shown such favour to this little town? this is great thank you, I’m hoping one day that God will show such favour to a little town on the East Coast called Ruatoria too. Bless you!!

  2. Thanks for your comment Jacq. Just a note, the original christian village, called Peria (after the Bereans in the bible) was in the Matamata/Waharoa area. There’s nothing there now, just a couple of stone plaques. The marae later moved to Rukumoana, near Morrinsville.

    God bless you as you “stand in the gap” for your land & your people. Ez 22:30


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