International House of Prayer : Rebuilding Cities

I like this:

In our day, God is moving the hearts of many to help establish these pockets of mercy that serve as a blessed dwelling place for people in times of trouble, and a resting place for the Lord (Ps. 132: 5). These individuals, companies, and families are seeking the blueprints from God on how to establish oases in accordance with Psalm 107:35–38, which says, “He [the Lord] turns a wilderness into pools of water, and dry land into water springs . . . that they may establish a city for a dwelling place, and sow fields and plant vineyards, that they may yield a fruitful harvest. He also blesses them and they greatly multiply.”

via International House of Prayer : Rebuilding Cities.


About kiwi in perth

god is good. :) really really good. my name is al; god called me to leadership & this is my journey.
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