Ok, it’s not original… I heard Beni Johnson use the phrase at the ‘Encounter 2011’ conference at Perth CLC a couple of weeks back.

That phrase kinda sums up this blog… SHIFT IS HAPPENING…  It is happening big time!

Anyways, back to the conference… I have been to a few conferences over the last few years that were offering practical training on healing, etc.  They were all great, but I would tend to get a bit disappointed because I would hear great stories, & even I got healed (sore right hip, healed, Yay God!), but somehow whenever I prayed for someone, I kept getting no results.

But this time… YES, healings!  Ok, I was part of a group doing the praying, but I’ll still rejoice anyway.

The first one… we were praying for a guy with tendon problems in both feet.  We had prayed once for a few mins, stop, no result.  We prayed a second time, & seemingly no result again.  But just as we were told to wrap it up, suddenly he starts jumping round & kicking off his shoes, saying ‘its hot, it’s hot, my feet are burning’.  After a minute or two of dancing around, he checks out his feet.  I couldn’t hear the exact details, but it was obvious he was very happy about the result.  It seems he was also healed of a problem where a broken toe hadn’t healed properly.  We hadn’t even prayed for that one!


About kiwi in perth

god is good. :) really really good. my name is al; god called me to leadership & this is my journey.
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