FAVOUR | Graham Cooke

This is a great word from Graham Cooke…

( In reference to Isa 61:  The spirit of the lord is upon me… )

When Jesus said today this word is fulfilled in your hearing, he’s not just talking about himself & this is my anointing & this is who I am.  He’s not just announcing his persona, this is my mission statement, this is my inheritance word, he’s also saying something about favour.

Today this word has been fulfilled in your hearing.  Today favour has been released upon the earth through me, & it will continue to expand & increase until it fills the whole earth.

Today favour has been released in such a way that everybody who is born again from this point on is actually going to come into that place of favour until a church rises up that is so full of favour that it will explode across the planet.  And the goodness of god will therefore fill the earth because there will be a people present on the earth who know how to live in favour, know how to pull down favour, & the goodness of god that comes with your personal favour will escalate in your life, it will escalate right across your family, right across all the generations in your family, right across your neighbourhood, across your town, across your village, across your state, across your nation, until the earth has to contend with the favour of God.

That’s what he meant, I think….

via The Mission Vacaville Weekly Podcast.

You can listen here…  June 27 2010 Speaker Graham Cooke

My wife & I have so been learning about favour… how to discern it, how to run with it, to speak it.  We’re in a mini season of favour right now… a series of ‘God moments’ just in the last few weeks, but that’s another story.

Thank you Graham Cooke for going ahead, for being a forerunner.

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god is good. :) really really good. my name is al; god called me to leadership & this is my journey.
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