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[ i struggle with sharing this, as i don’t like to offend, but here goes… ]

I’m sick of hearing talk about revival!  Don’t tease me anymore!  Hope deferred makes the heart sick.  Prov 13:12

Revival is not my template for life.  Not Smith Wigglesworth, not Azusa Street, not even the ‘acts’ church.  Jesus is my template; not the dead Jesus, but the one who lives in me, along with the Holy Spirit & the Father.  This ‘dwelling place’ was specifically set-up for a purpose, but it wasn’t to be revival-chasers.

You want to chase something?  Be a kingdom-chaser.  “But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness”.  Matt 6:33

Don’t get me wrong, I love seeing ‘revival’ stuff happen, bring it on… but ‘revival’ is not the goal.  It is a fruit of what happens when we are doing kingdom stuff.

Doing kingdom is fun!  Jesus left so many clues.  The kingdom of heaven is like…  the kingdom of God is like…  It’s not like reading an encyclopaedia, but more like taking part in a ginormous treasure hunt.


[ there, i said it!  i’m not anti-revival, really.  but if our heads are stuck in what god has done in another time & place & person, it’s too easy to miss the fresh & sometimes strange stuff that god is doing right now, in very ordinary people. ]

About kiwi in perth

god is good. :) really really good. my name is al; god called me to leadership & this is my journey.
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4 Responses to Aaaargh!

  1. Sure, revival is a term from days of yore, and the new hot term is “revolution”, we’ve said no to ‘religion’ and yes to ‘relationship’, we’ve lost the ‘radical’ and now we are ‘relevant’. But for all the jargon, I still see little in the way of Christ being displayed to those around us. You are right. There is more. Much more. I’ve seen it and tasted it, and now I am embarking on training others for the same. Smith Wigglesworth and John G Lake, and others, weren’t modern day abberations. They were more normal than you and I. But we can, and with grace we will, get there. Keep on keeping on, Kiwi.

  2. Lyn Packer says:

    Totally right! We are so often looking for the next thing we miss the opportunities that are here and now. Revival isn’t wrong but when it is our Kingdom of heaven, here, now, substitute then something is definitely off.

  3. Delwyn Viggars aka Bethesda Soaking says:

    I totally agree, I am fed up with hearing revival preached and spoken about. While like you Im not knocking it on the head, Im just totally in agreement that it is a fruit of the kingdom stuff, when we are about His Business. Lets see Heaven on Earth through our being out there doing what He designed us to do. Be Kingdom Ambassadors bringing His Kingdom to earth.

  4. Jason Kehler says:

    This is a great way of expressing the feelings i have had over the last while. Everyone wants revival, I want God. It’s about making God #1 in our lives, as Jesus said in the great commandment. Revival is the fruit that comes from loving Him, as you said. God never changes. We must believe, sincerely and unrepentantly, that we have the same power living in us that the Apostles had. May God shine forth in the world and may praises and glory be lifted up to the heavens.

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