in this place

in a dry and weary land where there is no water
i will seek you in this place
you led me to the wilderness so i would thirst for you
i will seek you in this place
even in the darkness i will find you
i will seek you in this place
you prepare a table in the presence of my enemies
i will seek you in this place

your rod and your staff they will comfort me
your word is a lamp unto my feet
you set my feet on a rock
you put a new song in my heart


About kiwi in perth

god is good. :) really really good. my name is al; god called me to leadership & this is my journey.
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1 Response to in this place

  1. Sometimes its hard to admit some of the truths pointed out here- Christ was definitely a Kingdom person not a religious person as many in the world wrongfully percieve. Christianity sadly has being reduced down to a weak religion because its divided by doctrines unrelated to the message, gospel Christ preached which is the gospel of the Kingdom- many times we think the gospel of Christ is the Gospel about Christ. This cannot be so – because it contradicts Jesus saying see that you tell no one of me – and nowhere in scriptures did Christ preach about himself. He was always doing his father business which was Kingdom. He said I only do what te father more or less has instructed him to do- and the message Jesus said he must preach in the Book of Luke 4:43- is the Gospel of the Kingdom and for this reaon, purpose Jesus says he was sent to earth. To establish his Kingdom on earth so that he would kick start that which his ambassadors, citizens will finish to colonize the earth with Kingdom culture.
    Just because you attend a religious sanctuary, an institutionalised building called Church is no gurantee that you’re doing Kingdom work on behalf of the KING. God hates religion with a passion – but it was his good pleasure to give us KINGDOM not religion which by far is the number 1 problem in the world. Unfortunately religion has acted as a subsitute for what God originally intended that was to have Kingdom on earth because thats what was lost at the fall. Kingdom dominionship the rulership of Gods Kingdom dwelling inside mankind.
    Christ commands us that we seek Kingdom and Righteousness 1st- embedded in this scripture is your purpose, destiny , image, identity but one must dig deep to discover these hidden truths. I encourage everyone to re-visit the scriptures John the Baptist said repent for the Kingdom is at hand- Jesus affirmed the message and it became his opening mission statement – and healings, deliverance, prosperity all by-products of Kingdom were never the message. We preach part and partial messages yet Kingdom cannot be boxed into just faith,love,peace,joy etc The Gospel of the Kingdom embraces all cultures, encompasses all whats preached today and transcends all religions.

    It simply is a powerpacked message- the Kingdom cannot be divorced from the King who the Kingdom belongs. The King is embodied in the Kingdom and the Kingdom is embodied in Christ Jesus. So when you preach the Gospel of the Kingdom they work hand in hand. This Gospel of the Kingdom has being replaced with other Gospels that Paul consider false Gospels – and the word says let them be accursed . But the problem is the Church has rejected Christs message and replaced it with man-made doctrines. Religion is man-made and Kingdom is God made.
    Mathew 24;14- says that until one Gospel is preached which happens to say KINGDOM then the end will come. Everyone is having potshots at when Christs coming we just dont know the hour- but he gives us some indictation in the book of mathew 24:14- The Gospel of Salvation the issue is sin- yet with the gospel of the Kingdom the issue is ones allegiance to a supernatural kingdom government that abolished all earthly governments.
    Sadly the Church has due to divided doctrines produced its own sub-culture that doesnt line up with KINGDOM. This is why Christs wants his citizens to align to KINGDOM order in Mathew 6:33 – God bless

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