Heroes | James Allen Ward

Jimmy Ward was a WWII hero…

With flames spreading rapidly though his bomber aircraft, 22-year-old Sergeant Jimmy Ward tied a rope around his waist and crawled out on to the wing to douse the flames.

He was serving during World War II with 75 (NZ) Squadron, which was based at RAF Feltwell, in Norfolk, southeast England.

He died in a separate incident 10 weeks after the heroic actions for which he received a Victoria Cross.

via Anzac Day: World War II – National – NZ Herald News.

The article also includes an interview with my son…

His great-great-nephew Michael Mayne, 26, inherited the VC when he turned 21.

“It is very hard to imagine anybody taking the initiative and having the bravery to go to the lengths he did to help save his men on that flight.

“His achievement is very unbelievable and courageous and we as a family are very proud that we are related to such a brave person.

“He died fighting for us and our country and for that we are always grateful to him,” Mr Mayne said.

I am learning the value of what Danny Silk calls a ‘Culture of Honor’.  There are certain things that we can do or say that cultivate kingdom fruit.  Honour is one of those things.  Thankfulness & forgiveness are other examples.  These things don’t guarantee fruit, but they cultivate an environment where kingdom fruit can grow.

Jimmy Ward is one of 22 Victoria Cross recipients being honoured in New Zealand Post’s 2011 Anzac stamp issue.

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