FAVOUR 3 | Graham Cooke

More great stuff from Graham Cooke…

God is declaring…

There are no obstacles from my side.  In Christ I have removed every single obstacle to humanity.  There are no obstacles.  I am not mad at anybody.

The way is open for you to come and find a place in the kingdom.

I am sending hundreds of thousands & millions & tens of millions of my ambassadors into the world to give you a taste of what the kingdom is really like.

And when you meet them they will connect you with my goodness;  with my majesty; with my sovereignty.

And it does not matter if your life is wrecked or ruined or degraded.  They will connect with you in such a way that you will become a new creature, a whole new creation.

And I will make of you what I am making of them.  And they will be my visual aid into the earth.

This is what heaven is really really really really really really really really like.

via The Mission Vacaville Weekly Podcast.

I’ve been listening to parts of this every morning for over a week now.  I want to ‘get’ this stuff.  See, when JC removed our guilt at the cross, there was a swap that happened.  It was way more then just getting out of trouble.  No… in return, we receive ginormous favour on our lives.  We receive the benefits of his righteousness.

But the favour goes with the kingdom assignment.  Audacious favour for audacious purpose!

Listen to the whole message here… Graham Cooke February 27 2011

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god is good. :) really really good. my name is al; god called me to leadership & this is my journey.
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