I love it when the favour of God is released on broken people…

One of the most radical conversions is Steve Collett – a former long-term meth addict, drug dealer, and bodyguard, who was a violent and dangerous man…

Steve returns to the regional detention center to preach every week. The detention center chaplain who first shared Jesus with him says that Steve now disciples him. The policeman who had arrested Steve multiple times says that now Steve has been responsible for leading more people to Christ than any preacher in this county. “He has…touched hundreds of people…he’s just an amazing guy. He knows more about the Bible than most preachers… today…he’ll do anything he can to help us. And I have great respect for him and appreciate him so much.” One of Steve’s brothers said Steve used to be a wild man, and added, “It’s like takin’ a grizzly bear and, and turnin’ it into a good preacher.”

via Manchester, Kentucky, Churches Now Minister to Drug Addicts.

You can read about the ongoing transformation of a whole community over at Fusion Ministries, or watch on youtube…

Fusion Ministries – Preparing a Generation for Transformation!: Transformation in America: Manchester, Kentucky!.

so, here’s a question, does JC want to transform your community?  absolutely!  but this is not the time for passive christianity that sits around waiting for JC to come back & do everything…

just like Moses, God is saying “what’s that in your hand?” Ex 4:2  go with what you have… for me that is prayer, i just love to pray, i can’t help it.  for you that might look completely different.  go with what god has given you, no matter how small or silly it might seem.  grab a hold of it & run with it!

JC has specifically given you resource to change your world.  “but he has chosen the foolish things of the world… he has chosen the weak things…”  1cor 1:27

god has chosen you!

About kiwi in perth

god is good. :) really really good. my name is al; god called me to leadership & this is my journey.
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