Grace is for losers!

Serious… the ginormous gift of grace & favour given to us through JC is actually designed for losers.  It is available for anyone, but here’s the mystery… grace is designed to be most effective in losers.

Blessed are the poor in spirit!

In the natural, that would be a pretty dumb observation.  But JC is talking about what happens when his kingdom starts to break in.  His kingdom is like an upside down world compared to ours.  When the kingdom breaks in to our lives, his favour actually seeks out the biggest losers & gives them the biggest dose of grace.

JC is on a treasure hunt, a ‘seek & save’ mission, to find sinners.

Paul actually boasted about this.  He said that’s me…  I’m the biggest loser!  JC grabbed the biggest loser, ME, & invited me to work on his team.

I’m convinced that we are in a ‘highways & byways’ season right now… the crazies are getting invited to be on the kingdom team.  But grace is messy… the crazies will mess up your happy-church-bubble!

This is a new season, a season where the last truly shall be first, just as it was intended all along.  He has prepared a bunch of ‘last’ people to be ‘first’ people in this season.

In the same way there are ‘first’ people who will be reassigned, struggling & kicking all the way, to be ‘last’ people, the divine rearrangement.  Yes, it is uncomfortable!  But God is good… Yay God!

About kiwi in perth

god is good. :) really really good. my name is al; god called me to leadership & this is my journey.
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