A Vision of a Thundering Hope


I woke up a few minutes before 2 AM to Rich’s body violently shaking. And he began speaking and sharing what he was seeing:

“Did you feel that? The ground is trembling. Like an earthquake.” And Richard’s whole body would shake and shake.

“Did you feel that? There are horses, lots of horses, running!

And there are people riding the horses. People we know, and people we don’t know. And they are riding bareback. It’s difficult to ride bareback, but you can do it if you keep trying. And they are riding with buffalo. The buffalo are hope. And this great and powerful animal that was almost extinct is now thundering across the land. That which was almost extinct is extinct no more.

via Rich and Lindy Oliver: A Vision of a Thundering Hope: You Can’t Saddle the Move of God.

…Hope has returned. Hope has returned. Hope has returned.’

You can read the whole thing at elijahlist.com

Or listen at riverlife.net… it’s part of the message “Thundering of Hope by Rich & Lindy Oliver (1/9/11)“, at about 23 mins into the message.


i’m a guy who remembers images.  i don’t remember words, but images stick in my mind.  if i heard someone preach about hope i would forget it the next day.  but this ‘vision of thundering hope’ excites me.  i can see it, i can feel it.

i had the privilege last sunday night of seeing hope restored to a homeless dude.  he got a taste of the favour of daddy god…  but that’s another story.

hope lost is a horrible thing.

hope restored is awesome.

About kiwi in perth

god is good. :) really really good. my name is al; god called me to leadership & this is my journey.
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