favour from daddy god

jk came over to my table… said he had been looking for me last week, but i wasn’t there.  he wanted to say thanks, & started sharing his story…

jk is a homeless dude who attends sunday night mission.  two weeks ago, i asked if i could pray with him.  just a short simple prayer, for daddy god to show his love for jk by finding him a good place to live.

anyways, his story… long story short, everything fell into place that week.  he has a place to live in a men’s hostel, & the means to pay for it.  he still couldn’t believe it was for real until he walked through the door.  so as he walked in to his new room, he lifted his hands, looked up, & said ‘thank you’

he shared his story in front of the mission gathering the following sunday, which is not easy for a shy guy.  since then he has been attending bible study & prayer group.  there’s a smile on his face now.

jk is learning he has favour from daddy god.

yay god.

my thought for the day is… think global, act local.  think like a world changer, but do it one small event at a time.

ananias was a world changer… he went looking for one man, a religious terrorist, put his hands on him, & spoke destiny into his life.  acts 9

ok, jk wasn’t a terrorist, just a dude without hope.  hope is returning.  a potential world changer has been born.

give me the nations!

[ jk… the name’s not real, but the story is ]

btw perth is now the 13th priciest city in the world…  Australian cities among world’s priciest

About kiwi in perth

god is good. :) really really good. my name is al; god called me to leadership & this is my journey.
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