i’m moving forward

random thoughts from a saturday afternoon…

happy birthday to you… the eagles mission had a a 4th birthday celebration today.  yay!  there’s joy with any church plant that lasts the distance.  but when you know that 70% of the participants don’t have a christian background, & some were living on the street even… then you know it’s an extra joyful occasion.  lives have been changed.

congrats to bas & yvonne de mello & team… well done.

i enjoyed talking with a friend who has been running the race for the last 4 months… man, the hand of god is on him big time.  i wanted to tell him he is an evangelist, but wasn’t certain.  so i asked if he had any words of prophecy over his life.  he said “yep, & they all say evangelist, evangelist, evangelist”… haha.

he has so many stories of what god is doing… the favour of god, people getting saved… we could have talked all day.  he said that being in jail was the best part of his life… that’s when he started learning to do it god’s way.

then just now, while i’m sitting here…  my wife asks me to pray for her leg, it was in pain.  so i laid my hand on her, prayed very briefly, & she starts to walk away.  “hey, its getting better”… she turns around, grabs my hand, & says “do that again”… i prayed again, just briefly.  “hey, it’s gone… no more pain”.  yay god.

i’m moving forward…


About kiwi in perth

god is good. :) really really good. my name is al; god called me to leadership & this is my journey.
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