God Wants You Confident!

i like this…  [from Steve Thompson via youtube]

i believe that god wants you so confident that religious people around you think that you’re arrogant


we’ve got to get this holy spirit conviction of righteousness, the fact that we have been made the righteousness of god in christ, not of ourselves

this one is a keeper…

i like to collect inspiring stuff for a “hope pack” cd… a collection of songs, audios, & scriptures, that stir up my spirit during the busy morning rush-to-get-ready.

do you know that you can stand up and you can say i will serve god in holiness & righteousness all the days of my life because of what he has done & what he has put inside of me.  it is possible to have that kind of confidence because of the god who lives inside of us, not because of who we are.

the enemy does not want you confident because he does not want you to step forward.  he wants you so self focused, so self critical, that you never emerge to demonstrate the glory that god has put inside of you.

the enemy is trying to convince you that the only thing that happened when you got born again is that now you get forgiveness when you sin & heaven when you die.

those are true & those are great, but he wasn’t just trying to get us to heaven when we die.  but he was trying to get heaven into us now so that he can still live on the earth.



About kiwi in perth

god is good. :) really really good. my name is al; god called me to leadership & this is my journey.
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1 Response to God Wants You Confident!

  1. Lyn Packer says:

    Oh Yeah! Thats good stuff!

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