92.9 Lisa baz and sam to the rescue

i like this…

lisa baz and sam along with the suncorp bank come to the aide of Eagle city Mission. A churched based in the heart of perth with a heart for the people and giving hope to those without through the love of jesus

via 92.9 Lisa baz and sam to the rescue – YouTube.

Bernie is one of the regulars at the sunday night mission gatherings.  She briefly shared her story on radio this week of how the mission has helped with her recovery.

Eagles City Mission is more like a family than a church.   So hearing her share her story in public is just awesome.  [ in fact i’m still a bit teary-eyed while writing this… shh, don’t tell anyone. ]

Well done Bernie… the favour of God is on your life.

You can hear the interview on youtube…

Here’s part of the interview…

bernie thanks for joining us.  can you tell us a little bit about eagle city mission & what it does.

eagle city mission is a church that’s based in the city, & the difference is that it becomes like a family. like you walk in & there’s no judgement on you whatsoever & there’s just an accepting & love that you never really felt before.

what brought you to eagle city mission, & take your time cos we want to know from the beginning

i was pretty messed up.  i was in & out of street culture & someone brought me along hoping that they could help me with my drug & alcohol addiction

when you say street culture, does that mean you were actually homeless living on the street.

on & off, yes.

it wasn’t the easiest of things… i found it quite difficult, cos i’m quite a shy person, so asking for help wasn’t very easy for me…

bernie, what about the first time you rocked up at eagle city mission. what happened, who did you meet, & what happened from there.

well one of the first people i actually met was shem, & i had my sunglasses on, & i always wore my sunglasses 24-7

i had no hope, i was pretty hopeless.  i had no belief in myself, & i didn’t think there was any hope left for me.

now shem, who you refer to as shemma, who is the cook & you work at eagle city mission.

shemma, do you remember this incident that bernie’s talking about, do you remember the first time…

actually i do remember her coming in for the first time, which is quite rare for me.

you could definitely see the hopeless in her face, despite the fact that the sunglasses were there hiding the actual eyes, & seeing the crowd that she rocked in with, & seeing the people that she was hanging out with.  a lot of them were the same.

bernie i guess the glasses are like a symbolic thing, its great to see you’re not wearing sunglasses on in here this morning.. we can see your beautiful eyes.

is it a big thing to take the sunglasses off.  is it kind of like taking a mask off & letting these people in to bernie?

it was very symbolic to me, cos i slept with my sunglasses on.  i wore them at night. in a crowd of people, for me to feel comfortable enough to take them off, it was life changing.

so bernie, you went in to eagle city mission, were you still on drugs, & were you still really lost.

yeah i  still was taking drugs, & i still was extremely lost.  i didn’t know where my life was gonna take me, & i didn’t even know the next week i’d be around.

after what period of time you were there did it tweak that these people here are really here for me, & they really want to help me, & they can help me.

it took a couple of months & i realized that even though i had no belief in myself, the constant love & compassion that they showed me, & the belief that they showed me really made me realize that life was more than drugs & alcohol & the bottom of a bottle…

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god is good. :) really really good. my name is al; god called me to leadership & this is my journey.
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