Life on Wings – Ern Baxter

I like this…

Everything is just wonderful. Mother Eagle sallies forth daily and brings back choice titbits for those ravenous appetites. During the cold mountain nights, she snuggles over the nest and the eaglets snuggle securely under those warm, soft wings and look out at the stars not very far away. They are newly born and baptized in the Holy Spirit. Hallelujah! Life is wonderful and being a Christian sure makes life easy – no more problems! God knew what He was doing when He thought up this arrangement!

One day Mom begins to act very strangely. Rather than landing on the nest she hovers momentarily beating the air with those great wings. As Junior watches her, he thinks, ‘Mom sure has powerful wings!’. That is exactly what Mrs Eagle wants Junior to know. Then she does something downright crazy. She graps a piece of the nest and drops it over the side of the cliff. Then she returns for another chunk and another and another. The eaglets are starting to think that Mom has lost her marbles! By now the framework of the nest is pretty shaky and that nice soft down that made Junior feel so secure is at the bottom of the canyon. Nest life is becoming a standing room only situation on what is left of their home.

Can you see what the mother eagle is doing? She is preparing her young for the first stage in the eagle training…

read the rest at…  Life on Wings – A Tribute to Dr Ern Baxter.

or listen at…

back in the seventies, i listened to a message similar to this over & over… it seemed to capture my imagination, the whole idea of god nudging us out of our comfort zone.  my parents heard ern baxter speaking at tauranga racecourse & returned with a bunch of cassette tapes.

then just this year, the sunday night mission i started attending is based on the same idea… it is called “eagles city mission”.  the couple that started the mission were definitely thrust out of their comfort zone.  god sends a professional business couple from singapore to perth & leads them to start a ministry to the homeless.

the reason for this post… this ‘parable’ seems to sum up what i sense for the church.  we want comfortable.  comfortable is like a magnet that holds us back.  god wants uncomfortable.  uncomfortable is what thrusts us forward to use that thing that we already have… faith.

taking risks for the sake of taking risks is stupid.  but taking risks if god is nudging you in a certain direction is exciting… scary but exciting.  well now god is nudging whole churches out of their comfort zone… whole nations even.

get out, take a risk.  you have been gifted with incredible kingdom wealth.  but faith is the catalyst…

when the son of man comes, will he find faith on the earth?  luke 18:8

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god is good. :) really really good. my name is al; god called me to leadership & this is my journey.
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