Jim Hylton: Stop Praying For Revival

i like this…

Where in the New Testament do we hear a call to pray for revival?

Where did Jesus ever advocate, we need a big revival to fix this problem we’ve got? I realized, its simply not there.

The emphasis has never been upon, you need a revival. That’s a term out of the old covenant.

Jesus came to start over & bring us a brand new covenant with better promises, a better covenant… A whole new order

So I started thinking through that & realized, he asked us to pray… Your kingdom come

So how did we ever change the script and start saying, Lord, send revival. We beg you for revival. We want to talk you into revival. You probably don’t realize the mess we’re in. If you did, if you ever understood the problems we got, you’d get interested…

We go through all these gyrations, trying to get his attention, & he’s already told us, he wants the kingdom to come!

In fact, Luke 12:32 is…

Fear not little flock, it is the fathers good pleasure to give you the kingdom.

i know many people are passionate about ‘revival’, & i love & respect them.  i am too!  but i’m with jim on this one… why stick with terminology that is not in the gospels?

About kiwi in perth

god is good. :) really really good. my name is al; god called me to leadership & this is my journey.
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2 Responses to Jim Hylton: Stop Praying For Revival

  1. Lyn Packer says:

    I agree too, we so often look and ask for God to do something he has already done or wants us to do. He has already given us and done everything needed for us to live a life in all it’s fullness which is basically what revival is. But what we as Christians are really asking for when we ask for revival is for God to do the work and get people saved for us with us having to do very little or nothing. The word for that is called ‘laziness’.

    in fact I looked up revival in the Strongs Concordance and it’s not even in the OT (like that guy on the video says it is). The nearest you get is ‘revive’ which simply means ‘to live’, come alive, healed, keep alive, preserve, recover, survive, – H2421a חיה chayah (310d); a prim. root; to live: etc

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