what’s hot. what’s not.


this awesome journey that starts with jesus.

my wife… serious!  you’re my ‘good thing’ baby.  prov 18:22  a wife of noble character who can find?  prov 31:10  i did, i found one!

anyways, moving right along…

children.   children are a gift from the lord.  psa 127.3  i got three gifts.

my son is getting married.  good on ya mate.  bout time!

the saints.  what a privilege to be in the company of the redeemed.

rain in west australia… who would have thunk it?

being a kiwi.  ironically there’s more kiwi pride in oz than there is in nz.

our house.  every time i open the blinds in the morning, & see the view over the park, i am reminded of the goodness of daddy god.  this house was a miracle, from start to finish.  not like a big one-off miracle, but more like a series of god moments.

song of solomon… who put that one in there?  good on ya mate.


no daylight saving in west australia!  …like i really want to wake up at 5am?

people saying ‘god will judge the church‘.  not on my shift he won’t.  there is no them & us.  i am the church, so stop picking on it!  i feel a rant coming on… breathe slowly, relax, in, out…

people saying ‘god will judge the shepherds‘.  ditto, same as above.  yeah, right.  i can just imagine jesus saying i’m tired of all this grace & favour stuff.  lets smack the shepherds round a bit, teach em who’s the boss.  NOT!

that’s my 2 cents worth for today…

About kiwi in perth

god is good. :) really really good. my name is al; god called me to leadership & this is my journey.
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