god’s genius in you…

i like this, from larry randolph…

god’s genius in you excels in adverse environments

you were created for an adverse environment

you were not created for comfortability
you were not created for same ol’ same ol
you were not created for boredom

you were created to be pregnant with expectation…
to be on the radical edge of a miracle
you were created to pull principalities & powers down
you were created to, destined to soar into the heavenlies
you were created to hear a voice that says come up here & let me show…
you were created to stand on the fault line of revelation…
and be shaken by the very powers of the world that is to come
you were created for adventure
you were created for meaning

but we don’t wanna get in the water…

haha… yeah baby!

more notes…

adversity that has come upon the church, that has come upon the nation, is to manifest the genius of my people.


i am sick of the same ol’ same ol’.  i have a genius somewhere in of me, & i cant find it until adverse situations are in front of me.

i’m a joseph… i’m looking for a pharoah who’s heart is troubled.  a call at a higher level that will bring me out of the season that i’m in, & bring me to a new season.  god’s genius will be expressed in me.  god will use me.  i live for that…


…the genius lives in me, & his genius is expressed in the times of adversity.  because adversity & difficult times is the mother of invention

it is the difficult times that will bring forth the entrepreneurs in the church, bring forth the visionaries in the church & the warriors in the church…

…get caught up in building yourself up in the holy ghost.  get ready for the fight of your life.  get ready to go to war.  get ready to take back what the enemy has taken from this generation.  get ready to declare the righteousness of god.


About kiwi in perth

god is good. :) really really good. my name is al; god called me to leadership & this is my journey.
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