Glory Cloud @ Bethel

interesting stuff…

This is a compilation of the Glory cloud phenomena at Bethel Church in Redding, CA.  In it we hope to bring some clarity to our stance about these type of events.

We don’t claim to understand it, but we know there is a Biblical precedent.

“Finally the main thing has become the main thing” – Bill Johnson

haha.  just like in acts chapter 2, this stuff attracts all sorts of responses…  amazement, doubting, mocking.

but me, i agree with bill…

We don’t seek for signs, but we don’t ignore them either.

Its kind of dumb if he shows up in the cloud & we go…

“I don’t want to be distracted.

I invite all of his distractions!

About kiwi in perth

god is good. :) really really good. my name is al; god called me to leadership & this is my journey.
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3 Responses to Glory Cloud @ Bethel

  1. Lyn Packer says:

    i have personally witnessed many such manifestations and been around a lot of people who have also seen them, I ‘ve found that in every case if you know that MANIFESTATIONS ARE AN INVTIATION TO REVELATION AND INTIMACY then you will never chase after the manifestations but will have a revelatory meeting place with God in the midst of them every time. And each time they cause you to marvel at God and his manifested wisdom and revelation.

  2. Darlene "Victoria" Randolph says:

    Last night I went to my home church of almost 40 years to pray, repent and ask for another healing. Jesus is my Lord and Savior and my one true Love since I was 14. Again, I came on a Sunday evening to worship Jesus and pray for physical healing and repentance. Most of the first hour my eyes were on Jesus and loving Him. I was up front on the left because that is where I pray for the Church, family and all. About one hour into our singing we were all singing in one heart and with great skilled musicians on their instruments, I felt God’s goodness. Then, looking all around there were very small sparks flying around with prismatic colors within. I am an Artist and use mica to paint with, blowing the mica on my paintings. This was not mica. I also use paints that refract light and this was different. The praise to Jesus increased most when we all began to sing the Lord’s Prayer “Our Father in Heaven…holy is your name…Your Kingdom come on Earth as it is in Heaven”. Eye witness account from January 15th 2012.
    Darlene Randolph

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