Emmanuel Jal, live at Mandela’s birthday

i like this…

Peter Gabriel:  I met the next artist about 3 years ago & was enormously impressed with this young man from Sudan.

His brutal childhood as a 7-year-old child soldier taught him to be a mindless killing machine.

People expected Mandela to come out of 27 years in jail calling for revenge, but he came out calling for forgiveness, compassion, & collaboration.

This next artist came out of the horror of a brutal war, a brutal childhood, with a clear voice calling out against violence, hatred & materialism.

He’s going to have a huge influence in the world way beyond his music

via Emmanuel Jal, live at Mandela’s birthday – YouTube.  [ see below ]

this is my third blog about emannuel…   i think his story is amazing.  i’m not just talking about his music & charities n stuff, but his choice to forgive is incredible.

this choice was tested when he collaborated with a muslim artist on his second cd ‘ceasefire’…

It was difficult for me, first of all, to deal with him.  He is a Muslim. I’m a Christian.  So that’s a lot.  This is the challenge, to really see if I forgive, really.  But it worked.  I was actually blessed after that.  Many doors opened.

via Interview: Emmanuel Jal: 2008.

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