Graham Cooke – That Jolly Well Settles It!

I love this stuff..

Right now your current circumstances are about making you ready…

Don’t sit here waiting around, praying for that blessing to come closer, when the lord is saying to you, if you enter into a strategic partnership with me, you can bring it closer.

Heres the issue with Israel… some of those people were so steeped in the negative things about themselves that God could not take them in to what he wanted them to have.

They didn’t recognize that their current squeezing was a part of their training.

via DaySpring Podcast.

You can listen here…  2011.11.20_GrahamCooke_09.30

SQUEEZING = TRAINING.  haha, bring it on!

here’s some more notes…

I believe that we are coming into a time of plenty; we are coming into a time of fruitfulness

Right now it’s fascinating that, with all this stuff going on in the world, we are being squeezed through a narrow space into a place of abundance, into a wide-open territory.

When Israel left Egypt they were funded to do so.  They actually came out with an economy to go into a new nation with.

The whole thing about the wilderness was it was a place of squeezing.

In that place of squeezing they had to learn to stop being a rabble of slaves & become a disciplined army that could take territory.

So we are in a place right now where it feels like we are being squeezed, but we are going to come into a broad & spacious place, we are going to come into our land of promise

So its really important how we act now, it’s critical

Right now when we are being squeezed, God wants to expand our thinking.

It’s a weird dynamic that you’re being squashed almost, but he’s expanding you in that place.

He’s putting inside of you the attitudes, the persona, the respect for the promises that you need when you get popped out into that broad place, you can start to take advantage of it.

We don’t set our patterns of behaviour when we get into something new.

We set them before we get there, so we that can take maximum advantage when it opens up for us

So the wilderness was about Israel becoming something, so that when they popped over the border into Canaan, they were ready to take advantage, they were ready to take territory.  They were ready to overcome, because they had already learnt how to overcome in themselves

There’s a Caleb anointing on them… I have seen the enemy.  He’s going to be our prey, because God is with us, & we are ready to take advantage of all that God wants to open up.

It’s the place where we are right now…  We are in the place right now where you need to take advantage right now, in your training circumstances, so that you’re ready to step into that place & take real advantage of all that God is opening up for you.

How many of you know right now that there are situations ahead of you that you have been praying for a while, & you know that there’s blessing & there’s increase & there’s favour coming to you.

They didn’t realize that I’m being trained out of a mindset into another one.  Out of the mindset of a slave & oppressed human being, into the mindset of a warrior & a game changer & someone who could take territory.You’re being squeezed right now because in the squeezing God is teaching you how to expand on the inside.

Your increase is available now, & it’s about the increase of your identity, which will lead to the increase of your prosperity

Right now you’re learning how to be increased in who you are in Jesus, so you should enjoy this moment.


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