give it away!

i like this…

In the vision I was standing next to a well in a field.  As I looked further, I noticed other wells.  Some were capped off, and I could tell that some of the wells had not been accessed for a long while because of the tall, unkempt grass growing up around them.

As I stood in the field gazing over these various wells, I instinctively knew that they contained various resources of the Kingdom of God.  For example, the water in one of the wells contained healing, while the water in other wells had love, or the prophetic, wisdom, counsel, joy, and on and on it went.  I happened to be standing next to the well containing healing, but I only had a small thimble-sized container in which to dip out of the resources.  So, I dipped with what I had available.

As I began to drink of what I had recovered from the well, the Lord told me to pour it out (actually, to toss it out).’But Lord, I won’t have any left for me,’ I responded.  Silence.  Finally, I got up the nerve to throw out the small measure I had received, heaving it as far as I could.  To my surprise, a crop of fruit immediately sprang up in the exact spot where I had thrown the water.

I turned back toward the well, and as I began to dip again, to my amazement, my thimble-sized container had increased to a shot glass-sized container.  Once again, I dipped the container into the well and pulled up the water.  As before, the Lord said to pour it out.  Without hesitation, I threw it in a different direction, and a larger crop of fruit immediately grew where the water had landed.

…I repeated the process again and again until my thimble-sized container had eventually turned into a super-sized, supernatural water truck! The more I gave, the larger my container became, as well as the size of the crops of fruit, as I continued to just give away the new measure I had received.

I then proceeded to the others wells, where I was given a thimble-sized container from which to dip.  I went to wells that I had previously drunk from but had quit because of a lack of fruitfulness.  I found that as I re-opened those well and gave away what I had received instead of consuming it myself, supernatural measures were obtained from each of the wells and supernatural fruit was harvested everywhere I had poured out (leaked) the water.

BOOK: The Ultimate Treasure Hunt.

via Kevin Dedmon Ministries- Ministry of Kevin Dedmon – Equipping, Empowering, and Activating In a Naturally Supernatural Lifestyle.

give it away!

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god is good. :) really really good. my name is al; god called me to leadership & this is my journey.
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  1. Kent says:

    Excellent imagery. Loved it!

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