steve thompson – new beginning for the church

i like this…

father help them to believe the work that you have done inside of them.

help them to believe who you have made them to be.

give them confidence to look to be the solution, to be the transformation, & to not look for a rescue person.

lord change us to be those who will run to the battle.

lord release so much confidence to people in this room that it scares religious people.

& lord that you will put fright in the camp of the enemy through a quietly confident people who step patiently, consistently, into realms, bringing transformation in society.


via Stairway Church Whitehorse

you can listen to the whole message…  Steve Thompson – 111113_ST.mp3

more notes from the same message…

we’ve had a higher value on certain gifts.

we need to value whatever gift there is, inside of a person.  we need to celebrate & feel celebrated for them.

the apostolic ministry…

it’s about a diffusion of understanding, & a sense of ability & responsibility to shine & to demonstrate the glory of god in every believer where we are now.


god is using the unqualified today to succeed supernaturally at the highest level.


you will be surrounded by people in your realm of influence that are much more competent than you naturally, but god will use you in those realms supernaturally, & it will shock, & it will captivate, & it will grip people.


it really is your time… for believers in australia to step in & see transformation.

when you see an area of your society & you see an area that  you have a burden for & you wonder why its not being transformed, it could be that you need to go in there & see that supernatural x factor… bring change & transformation.


it is an unempowered people group that looks for a messiah.

israel in their day, looked for a messiah because they were an unempowered people.

the church needs to stop seeing herself as unempowered, looking for a savior.  you already have a savior.

…let the redeemed of the lord say so.  what that means is we need to be able to say… we are redeemed.  we now bring transformation.  it is our god inside of us who brings this transformation

we need to stop looking for rescue in situations & we need to understand that we’re there to provide a transformation.


About kiwi in perth

god is good. :) really really good. my name is al; god called me to leadership & this is my journey.
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