what if…

what if…

‘christianity’ is not my identity

i am thankful for my christian heritage, and it’s influence in western civilization…

but i think if jesus was here (and he is here!), then he wouldn’t be reheating yesterday’s leftovers.  he wouldn’t be studying old movements in previous centuries, and saying we gotta do it that way.

new wine, new wineskins.

‘fasting & prayer’ is not my identity.

now this one is personal… this has been my identity for most of my life.  wake up call… wrong wineskin!

is fasting & prayer wrong?  no!  but it’s not my identity.  it’s not who i am.

who am i…

as far as i can tell, i am part of the community of people made righteous in christ, given free entry to the kingdom of god, who are learning to listen & act, hear & do, see & follow… learning the ‘law’ of life in the spirit.

when jesus finds a community like that, then the fruit that follows may look nothing like what we know as ‘christianity’.

we tend to spiritualise everything jesus did.  when jesus says you will do greater things, we are like yeah, big miracles n stuff.  but…

what if those greater things don’t look like anything we have experienced so far.

what if ‘greater things’ looks more like isaiah 2:3 / micah 4:2

the nations will say come and let us go…

what if the community of the redeemed are prospering so much that nations are drawn to you.  what if our prosperity leads to new ways of doing education, government, health, conflict resolution, & the list goes on!

what if nations stop fighting because we, the saints, start putting on our real identity.

what if…

About kiwi in perth

god is good. :) really really good. my name is al; god called me to leadership & this is my journey.
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