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It’s kinda ironic… Jesus only mentioned church once (well he mentioned ecclesia anyways, but most bibles call that ‘church’)…

…And he makes it clear that HE is building HIS church.  He never passed on that assignment… he is still building HIS church.

But kingdom… he mentioned that heaps of times.  It was his message, it was in his parables, and it was in the assignment he passed on to the twelve & then the seventy.

And this assignment, doing kingdom, he DID pass on.  He makes it clear… the father is pleased to give you the kingdom.  It’s all yours!

So here’s the irony.  Jesus said I’ll build my church, & you do kingdom.  And in fact he passed on huge resource for the purpose of doing kingdom.

It’s kinda like if god gave you a farming business, then it would be really useful to have a tractor.  He wouldn’t give you a racing car for the farm… he would give you resource appropriate to the business.

Well Jesus has given us resource appropriate to the assignment.  The assignment is to do kingdom stuff, so he has given massive resource for that very purpose.

If you are wondering why you try so hard doing the ‘christian’ stuff, & it seems to get you nowhere… then maybe it’s time to check out your assignment.


So what’s the difference?  Well here’s one… we tend to be very introverted… we think the ‘blessing’ is for the ones who have crossed over already.

But when you are doing kingdom, the ‘blessing’ is for anyone.  The father sends his rain on the righteous & the unrighteous.  So we are doing what daddy does… bless anyone, everyone, at every opportunity.

About kiwi in perth

god is good. :) really really good. my name is al; god called me to leadership & this is my journey.
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