karise eden : amazing grace

if you don’t live in australia, then you missed out on seeing this…

this is like one of those rags to riches stories in the making.  from troubled teenager to overnight singing sensation.

When I was younger, I had a lot of violent episodes. I dropped out of school in year seven, and when I was 12 or 13 I got diagnosed with agoraphobia. I didn’t go outside the house for years

via The Voice’s Karise Eden: From street kids to sing sensation!.

this story seems to sum up what this blog is about…  ‘karise’ is from the greek word charis, meaning grace or favor.

there’s a heap of favor on this girl right now.

i think it’s only fitting that i should include this link… it’ karise singing about grace.

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2 Responses to karise eden : amazing grace

  1. Kent says:

    Ha! I watched The Voice of the USA this season for the first time. But, I don’t think I’ve EVER seen judges turn around that fast! Cool video.

  2. Karise Eden, 19, has a fabulous (but still young and in some ways untrained) voice. She has incredible power and voice modulation from earthy blues to sweet melodic; & everything within that range, is infused with her natural ‘soul’,
    It is important that she is given the ‘right’ songs to perform.
    In my opinion, for this competitons’ purposes, these should be slightly up-tempo. Which will enable her to ‘move’, which she does so naturally, to a song’s rhythm. She needs to avoid perfoming songs which render her ‘static’. (These can come when her voice, confidence and presence are more established).
    It is vital that her coach Seal does not set the bar for her, too high too early and and that he gives her nothing which pushes her towards introspectivity and back to those dim dark days she has, in the past, struggled through.
    I consider good choices of song would be from: Cowboys and Kisses – Anastasia
    L-O-V-E Love – Al Green
    Bridge Over Troubled Waters – Art Garfunkel

    Good Luck Karise

    Doug E. Boi

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