the new defaults…

random thoughts…

the new ‘defaults’ that jesus wants us to renew our minds to, are not like in the previous season.

this season has higher cost, & higher grace.

the way our mind worked before, it don’t work that way no more.

the new season calls for openness, visibility, being on display.  in previous seasons it was ok to be hidden.  when you are the salt of the earth, visibility is not a requirement.  it was ok to be ‘humble’.  it was ok to be hidden away, to pray & fast.  it was ok to be religious.

but the upgrade has arrived… light of the world, city on a hill.  this season calls for a new way of thinking, doing, being.  god will thrust you into places of honour.  you will receive outrageous promotions.

dont cling to the old!  get an upgraded mind.  train your mind through declaration.

it is NOT ok to be religious.  drop that mindset.  it is not ok to be hidden away fasting & praying.  drop that mindset that says you need to push through for a breakthrough.  it is here already!  stop pushing, start declaring!  it is not ok to humbly do your stuff in private.  drop that mindset.

here’s the strange thing… if you stop operating in a religious mindset, people think you are crazy.  when you operate in the new wine/wineskin, you put yourself outside the influence of the old wine/wineskin.  you are not drawn to it, not attracted to it, it does not grab you.  the old wineskin was ok for a season, but that season has gone.  to hold onto an old blessing when god is moving you on actually puts you into a place of hardening.


About kiwi in perth

god is good. :) really really good. my name is al; god called me to leadership & this is my journey.
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