Abundance & Fruitfulness | Graham Cooke

More great stuff from Graham Cooke…

all of creation has longed for this time in history…

when a people would rise up, knowing who they are

knowing that they are a new creation

knowing that they are an unstoppable force

knowing that they are the most powerful people in the earth

because we live from heaven to earth

and nothing can stop us

nothing can prevent us from being who we already are in christ

we have an identity

and our identity is shaped by heaven, not by the earth

via The Mission Vacaville Weekly Podcast.

we are finally starting to realize who we really are

and what we are really here for

an oldie but a goodie.

graham cooke is one of my favorite teachers, & this podcast is no exception. (I listened 9 times!).

after nearly 40 years of walking this jesus journey, i feel like i’m back in daddy day care.  reboot, start again, drop the religion, pick up our real inheritance…  it’s both exciting & uncomfortable.  bring it on!

Listen to the whole message here… The Practice of Abiding in Abundance and Fruitfulness

Here’s some notes from the same podcast…


there’s a destiny over each of us & we have an identity in christ that has been long established in the heart of god.

all we are doing in relationship is unpacking & exploring who god says we already are.

that’s our joy.  that’s our pleasure.

our inheritance awaits us on every twist & turn of the journey that we are on with god.

he knows the road that you are taking.  he knows every crisis, every difficulty.

he knows every battle, every circumstance that is down that road.  and he has placed your inheritance next to all of those things

we are discovering our inheritance as we move out…

this is not just a time to have your needs met.  babies get their needs met.

we are learning to walk in a fulness & abundance that is part of our inheritance.

…we are building up a spirit of proclamation in us, where we are proclaiming things that god has already said that we have.

we are learning the difference that when you  grow up in christ, you stop asking him for the things he has already given you.

you start proclaiming that i have those things that you said i have.


stop living as though you need a bail out.

be your own stimulus package

there is something in you that god has place there that has been predetermined.

you are more powerful & more beautiful than you realize.

the fulness of time has to come for each of us.

the fulness of time occurs when you step out of that place of being a beloved child, & realize that it’s a launching pad for you to become the man & the woman that you were always meant to be.

you cross a line into fulness.  you stand up & you declare this is the fulness of time for me.

this is a time of fulness.  its the fulness of time because heaven is saying its about time that you stood up & recognized the fulness & abundance that’s on you, & stop relying on other people to give it to you.

that doesn’t mean that you can’t receive prayer.

what it means is… you’re not pursuing prayer as a way of living, from other people.

it means that you go & pursue god for yourself because you know who he is for you & what he wants to be for you.

it’s a coming of age.

…i have an inheritance in the kingdom.

About kiwi in perth

god is good. :) really really good. my name is al; god called me to leadership & this is my journey.
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3 Responses to Abundance & Fruitfulness | Graham Cooke

  1. Pamela Hazard says:

    I have been a follower of Christ for 37 years and have had many many revelations from Christ. But I have never heard the gospel taught this way. For the first time in a long time, I feel like a revelation hit me like a ton of bricks. Graham Cooke’s message changed my life again forever!

  2. Doleta says:

    Graham Cooke is being used by the Holy Spirit to change me. Even though I’ve listened to him many times, it seems some truths take time to really take hold. Like this morning…”Taking every thought captive…” Does not mean taking every negative thought captive. It means ignoring the bad thoughts, and finding a God thought to take captive. Take that new God thought and hang on like a pit bull to a rawhide bone! I love what Graham Cooke said, “If you don’t like where that thought takes you, have another thought.”

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