tribute to ‘gutsy’ women.

Scene 1.  Twenty years ago.

“I’m not having anyone die in my ward!”

The phone slammed down.

I was listening to a heated late night phone conversation up the corridor from my hospital bed.  I was high at the time, from fever & painkillers, but I remember that night clearly.

I remember thinking that’s one gutsy head nurse.

I had no idea she was talking about me.

Scene 2.  Later that same night.

A chatty nurse wheeled me down to surgery.  She apologized in advance that there would be some drama when we arrived.

As she wheeled me into surgery, another heated conversation,..  “No, take him out, we’re too busy!”

Chatty nurse quietly says “Sorry, I’m leaving you here… I’ve got to go”, and she disappears out the door, followed by more yelling.


Long story short…  the doctors did operate on me.  I had a burst appendix, and it was gangrenous.  If they waited another hour I may have died.

I woke up with a huge incision on my tummy, but I was alive.

I discovered later that both head nurse, & chatty nurse, risked their jobs that night for my sake.


My wife is training in aged care, to be a Nurses Ass.  (yes, that really was her job title!)  She is often in the middle of drama, because she goes the extra mile for patients & families.

So this is a tribute to ‘gutsy’ women… especially the one I am married to.


Who can find a wife with a strong character? She is worth far more than jewels.

via Proverbs 31:10

About kiwi in perth

god is good. :) really really good. my name is al; god called me to leadership & this is my journey.
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