Brilliant Leadership by Graham Cooke

i like this…

i want to tell you of a series of dreams that i had…

dreams that really changed the course of my own life personally, changed the course of my leadership gift, changed absolutely the course of my ministry…

via Brilliant Leadership by Graham Cooke (2). – YouTube.

i’ve been listening to this one over & over… in particular his description of the third dream so lines up with where i am at this year.  the third dream is fun!

here’s some notes about the second dream…

…we’re not here just to change the vehicle.

changing the church into a system that can fix people, that god is not trying to fix, doesn’t really cut it.

this whole vehicle thinks that god has only done half the job, & we have to do clean-up.

it’s the same focus, on the same old nature, the same old problems that emanate.

this new vehicle is…  how can we provide some kind of pastoral support, be it counseling, various help programs, geared to helping people work on their problems.

I’m not against any of that…  i just don’t think it’s what heaven is doing.

i don’t think god is wanting us to work on our problems.

i do believe he wants us to recognize that we’re dead to them.

he’s already worked on the problem, through jesus.

now it feels like we’re setting aside part of that, & we’re saying, we have to fix you in jesus name.

i think jesus has already fixed us in jesus name.

the whole idea is that we’re meant to understand what heaven has provided and how we can interact with that.

it’s not about us receiving training so that we can manage our problems more effectively.

or even learn, which i think is what a religious spirit does…

it teaches how to drive our problems underground, because it’s too much hassle letting them sprout through the surface.

dreams one & two represent a church, actually, that’s not bible believing.

because we’re not focused on what god is really saying about us…  they focus on problems & issues that god has already dealt with, in christ.


About kiwi in perth

god is good. :) really really good. my name is al; god called me to leadership & this is my journey.
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