you have to value you

i like this…

you have to be sure that you have something of value in your life…  you have to value you.

if you don’t value you, you won’t set boundaries, you will feel too guilty

you will feel guilty for requiring people to bring value to the relationship

you will feel bad for requiring respect in dealing with you…

Danny Silk – via Life Church Hamilton.

a great message about setting boundaries n stuff.  danny silk, as always, is both funny & informative.

you can listen too the whole audio here…  30/08/11 Danny Silk Sermon


more notes…

you’re gonna have to ask for some help.

you’re gonna have to get some help to get a right perspective on the value that you really have.

somebody taught you to have no value for yourself.  it wasn’t jesus teaching you that lie.

…you’re worth dying for to make free.

from that place of understanding who you are, as a child of the king.  it’s from there that you begin to require respect, require love, require truth in your most intimate relationships.

now this will be one of the most unusual messages that you’ll ever hear in church, & i don’t know why…

…i want to give you permission, to be powerful, to be loving, & to manage yourself in the unlimited freedom that you have been given.  no matter what other people do, you can manage you.

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god is good. :) really really good. my name is al; god called me to leadership & this is my journey.
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