random thoughts on church life…

“thar’s gold in them thar hills”, like in the parable of the treasure in the field.

listen up saints…  we have all bought into ownership of a field where there is enormous wealth available, kingdom wealth.  but we gotta go treasure hunting.  we gotta dig for it!  it ain’t always obvious where the treasure is.  god delights in choosing the most unlikely candidates.

the apostle paul knew it, because he was the unlikely one!  as a zealous pharisee, he possibly had never eaten with a gentile in his life… until god sends him to the gentiles.  the one thing that paul sucked at… mixing with gentiles, god says i chose you to do that very thing.

it’s like if you grew up with a passion for classical music, & you play violin in an orchestra, then god says go start a church for people who like thrash music.

it’s like if you grew up with a passion for steaks, & you work as a chef in a steak kitchen, then god says go start a church for vegans.

when god sent paul to the gentiles, he was TOTALLY out of his comfort zone!

anyways, back to the field with the treasure…


god loves to hide his treasure in the most unlikely people & places.

that’s why i love being in the church.  i’m not saying i like the sunday morning event which we refer to as ‘church’, sometimes i don’t, but i love being with the saints.

we can’t do this treasure hunting thing by ourselves.  it’s a team project.  when the saints gather, we get to practice on each other.  treasure hunt!

the more we learn to call out that treasure in each other, then the more effective we become in this kingdom project that jesus has given us.


About kiwi in perth

god is good. :) really really good. my name is al; god called me to leadership & this is my journey.
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