Teens flock to experience ‘healing’ faith for themselves

i like this, about a recent bill johnson seminar in brisbane…

Many in the 1750-strong crowd were young people attracted to the fifth generation pastor’s teachings about ‘encountering God’ for themselves – and having the faith to pray for healings for others.

An inherent part of Johnson’s teaching is ‘treasure hunting’ where people go through a town or shopping centre and ask God to show them people who may need encouragement or healing.

The practice has already made headlines in Brisbane – as well as YouTube postings as people tell of experiencing ‘liquid love’, a warm sensation, and healing.

Johnson is senior pastor of the Bethel Church in Redding California which is home to the popular Jesus Culture music group.

At the end of Monday night’s service, dozens of people indicated they had been healed after being prayed for, for head trauma, knee and back injuries, hearing loss, and other ailments…

Johnson himself never laid a hand on anyone, instead encouraging those in the crowd to pray for others.

via Teens flock to experience ‘healing’ faith for themselves | Ipswich Queensland Times.

wow… when people getting healed makes headline news, now that’s kinda interesting.

this dude is also a part of my journey.  i was healed of an arthritic hip at a bill johnson seminar in 2008… see the youtube testimony below, at 3 mins 40.

it’s sad when some bloggers choose to mock this stuff.

before i was healed i had constant pain & had to take pain-killers 24-7.  after i was healed i never had to take a pain-killer for hip pain again.  that event changed my life… being pain free is freakin’ awesome.

don’t mock what you don’t understand.

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god is good. :) really really good. my name is al; god called me to leadership & this is my journey.
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