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god is good. :) really really good. my name is al; god called me to leadership & this is my journey.

i’ve moved…

about me?… my name is Al, a follower of jesus, a kiwi living in perth i started blogging in 2010 with it started off as an exercise to journal what i was hearing from god, & whaddya know people … Continue reading

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i saw him sitting at a newspaper stand…

i saw him sitting at a newspaper stand, watching the world go by. he called out to me so i stopped to talk, he asked me why. why do you always care about me when nobody else gives a damn? … Continue reading

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you felt the breeze… now step out

random thoughts… daddy god has opened a new door to freedom.  there’s a refreshing wind of the holy spirit blowing over us. we have been in transition. but there comes a time when the transition is over. enough already.  enough … Continue reading

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Bruxy Cavey, The Gospel is…

i like this… Bruxy Cavey talks about the Gospel and the Kingdom of God. He summarizes the Gospel in one word, in three words, and in thirty words – bringing the focus in on Jesus and our role as Christ … Continue reading

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Teens flock to experience ‘healing’ faith for themselves

i like this, about a recent bill johnson seminar in brisbane… Many in the 1750-strong crowd were young people attracted to the fifth generation pastor’s teachings about ‘encountering God’ for themselves – and having the faith to pray for healings … Continue reading

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random thoughts on church life…

“thar’s gold in them thar hills”, like in the parable of the treasure in the field. listen up saints…  we have all bought into ownership of a field where there is enormous wealth available, kingdom wealth.  but we gotta go … Continue reading

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Tearful woman confronts open-air preacher.

wow, interesting… not sure what to say about this one… just interesting. it’s like head meets heart in this discussion.  i think heart wins.  what do you think? via Wretched: Tearful woman confronts open-air preacher. – YouTube.

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