Bill Johnson – God is good, ALL the time

i like this…

god is good… all the time

the devil is bad… all the time

the church of this nation has been so deprived of the real gospel, that we have formulated ways of thinking that are anti-Christ in nature and they are called spiritual

it is inconsistent to have Jesus pay a price for healing and for us to believe it’s not God’s intention to heal

via Bill Johnson – God is good, ALL the time – YouTube.

if we are gonna learn how to heal the sick, then we gotta get this… god  is good!  cos if you think that god is holding back healing because of sin, or to teach patience, or whatever… then you got a problem praying for the sick.  you might be praying against god!

god really is good, all the time.

check out jesusculture for more message mixes…

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God Is Not The Bad Guy

i like this…

God is not the bad guy. He’s extremely good.

a great sermon jam from

in him is light, & no darkness at all, & that settles it for me…

jesus came to show us…

that god is the good guy


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stories from school of power and love…

i love listening to these stories.  just real people talking real stories… about stepping out, taking a risk, & praying for healing & stuff.

thanks to tom ruotolo & team… keep doin’ the stuff you do.

thanks to all those at the School of Power and Love… who stepped out in love, to see lives changed by the awesome power of jesus!

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forgive us… as we forgive those who sin against us.

when we pray…

forgive us our sins, as we forgive those who sin against us.

…do we mean it?

here’s a little ‘imagination exercise” for you…

in revelation 11, there are two witnesses who will prophesy for 1,260 days, & are given special powers.  there is a lot of speculation about their identity, or what it means, but let’s just use a little imagination.

so… imagine with me if you will, what if god raised up robert mugabe & joseph kony (the famous one) to be his prophets?  could you handle that?

how about osama bin laden & saddam hussein?

is there a limit to god’s grace?  how about your grace?

lets make it personal… imagine the two people who have hurt or damaged your life the most.  could you rejoice to see god raise them up to a position of honor in the kingdom?


this post was inspired by a recent discussion with friends.  i suggested we pray for robert mugabe.  someone said half jokingly to pray for a fast & painless death.  i said no, to pray for blessing…

long story short, one of the guys refused to agree with this.  (so we prayed to bless zimbabwe instead)

now let me say that i live in a peaceful country, & have not experienced anything like genocide & torture first hand.  in contrast, my friend grew up in zimbabwe.  for him it was personal.

i can’t honestly say i know what that is like.  i don’t know how far my forgiveness would go if i was in the same situation.

but the bottom line is… choose forgiveness.  choose to bless.

that’s what daddy god does.  that’s what jesus did.


[ image is from “Justinen Creative Group” via Washing Osama’s Feet » Blog » Greg Boyd. ]

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The Favor Series | Graham Cooke

i really enjoyed graham cooke’s favor series… i think i listened to the whole series about 8 times!

i like this…

Favor is birthed in the relationship between the Father and Jesus.  We are included because of our placement in Christ at salvation. Heaven has a right of possession over us and favor is the result.

All our favor is tied into the new creation – not the old. We are being made in His image and favor is part of that relationship.  Favor is attached to the image of Jesus, not our behavior.  We need to be trained in favor and part of that is learning to be consumed by God’s desire for us, His passion to make us more like Him.

via The Favor Series.

it’s not free, but well worth the price… go to

but wait there’s more…  check out my previous posts,  [ here, here, & here ] for more graham cooke ‘favor’ messages.  enjoy.

more notes from the favor series… Continue reading

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Stop asking for me to come…

i like this…

…“Stop asking for me to come, I have already come!”

…we should now begin to change our petitioning for revival into thansksgiving and prophetically release decrees of God’s will and intention into our towns, cities and nation.

That which we have been praying for has been released!  It is here now – God is moving powerfully throughout the nation.  There is a groundswell of Kingdom release that is building in power and being released on a nationwide scale.  This move of God is not a sudden revival type move located in one place – it is an awakening that is taking place in all parts of the nation simultaneously, that is why many have missed it.

Miracles and healings are becoming common occurrences as the church is awakening to who she really is and who Christ is in her.

via Prophets Hui – Part 1 «.


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Blow your mind | Doug Addison

i like this…

God wants to do something so radically new that will blow your minds!  This past month I have had several dreams of a “TOTALLY NEW WAY” of operating!  It will require changing our mindsets to “all things are possible for those who believe.”

Renewing our mind is not just avoiding thinking of bad things—it is focusing on the goodness of God until God’s Kingdom becomes your only reality.  It is important to change our thinking to line up with God’s unlimited power to change!

Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things. Phil 4:8…

In other words, if you look at the things that are wrong with a situation then that is all you are going to see.  In 2007 I began to “search for good” in people and situations and found a lot of favor as a result.

via 90 Days of Accelerated Healing | Personal Blog of Doug Addison.

this so lines up  with what i am learning….  for someone who has grown up in a ‘church’ environment, this excites me.  it really is a new way of operating.

it’s been a long learning curve. sometimes i would search for good in people or situations, & i couldn’t see anything.  jesus help me to see this person as you do…  show me something!  it took a while, but the more you practice, the easier it gets.

join the revolution.


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