Why 25 Elul?

Back in the 70’s, during the student holidays one year, I just got really inspired from reading the story of Nehemiah.  I had a sense that it was important, but for a later time.

Well skip forward to 2010, and I sense that now is that time… God has a new strategy for a new season.  Just like the Ezra story was for a specific goal, and God prepared specific people and gifts and abilities.  Then along comes the Nehemiah story with a different goal… God prepared different people and gifts and abilities to do a new thing.

God has prepared this season of rebuilding for this time in history.

God has prepared people for this season and they don’t look like the people that you would expect.  Be prepared to be surprised.  Be prepared to be shaken.

Right now JC is shaking his church!  It needs to be shaken… seriously!

There’s a shaking and a building going on, all at the same time.

For everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose under heaven:

A time to break down, and a time to build up

3 Responses to Why 25 Elul?

  1. Jacq Wallace says:

    Totally agree! God is showing me how each of us are like multi-faceted gems with many gifts that he placed within us. If we would only discover those gifts, the raw resources He has given us to work with instead of expecting it all to come on a platter like McDonalds fast drive thru – order what you want, pay your money and pick up your product at the other end…it doesn’t work like that, if you want to adhere to the first commandment of loving God with all your heart, mind and soul then you will give everything you’ve got to bring the best of what you’ve got to the banquet.

  2. peter lindner says:

    Yes. 52 days…from Passover/Resurrection in 2010. 52×24=1248 days…brings us to Elul 25 of 5773. “It was winter and dedication(John 10)”. This is true in 2011. (John11) Jesus remained still for 2 days (finishing up hannukah) Tevet 1 until Tevet 3. From this time until Elul 25 of 5773 is 613 (THE LAW) days. Jacob’s wedding, Samson’s wedding, Cana wedding, and 153 fish story also line up to Elul 25 of 5773. Good news is coming.

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